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Deputy Minister Isaki meets Slovenian Ambassador Predan

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia, Fatmire Isaki, had a meeting today with the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to the Republic of North Macedonia, Milan Predan.

At the meeting, both Deputy Minister Isaki and Ambassador Predan expressed their satisfaction with the excellent bilateral relations and cooperation that the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Slovenia have been enjoying, with their ties being typified by mutual support and understanding all throughout the years. Furthermore, over the course of the meeting, Deputy Minister Isaki relayed to Ambassador Predan both hers and the appreciation of the Republic of North Macedonia for the support that the Republic of Slovenia has been affording the country in the process of its Euro-Atlantic integration while voicing her expectation of Slovenian support for North Macedonia continuing during the upcoming Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU. Moreover, Deputy Minister Isaki and Ambassador Predan took the opportunity to underline the shared commitment of the two countries to continue advancing and strengthening their overall relations and cooperation in the period ahead while placing a special emphasis on the development of their ties in the area of economy.

Osmani meets with Sakellaropoulou, Mitsotakis, and Varvitsiotisin Greece

The Foreign Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Bujar Osmani, during his official visit to Greece met with the President of the Hellenic Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, and the Alternate Minister of European Affairs, VarvitsiotisMiltiadis.   The discussions focused on dynamisation of overall relations between the two countries through committed implementation of the Agreement for Strategic Partnership (Prespa Agreement), in order to develop and strengthen the joint strategic partnership.   “Only through joint efforts we can turn the strategic partnership into a long-term and stable friendship, which, as neighbouring countries, will certainly bring better life for the citizens of both countries. In the region, we have a new reality, we proved that all challenges can be efficiently resolved through common and coordinated efforts. Hence, I firmly believe that the cooperation between North Macedonia and Greece is undoubtedly a new integrative power for the whole region”, Osmani emphasized.   At the meetings, Greece’s active engagement in the part of the European integration of North Macedonia was also highlighted, whereupon it was underlined that the country remains our consistent supporter, one of the main lobbyists and promotors in this process, which is of interest for the two countries, but also of key importance for whole region.   “The European perspective of Balkan countries must not be threatened. We must all invest in development of good-neighbourly relations, increase regional cooperation and preserve the European future of the region. Only through breaking the stereotypes of the past and creating stable friendships can we provide a prosperous future of our citizens”, Osmani concluded.   Osmani had a successful visit to Greece with a packed and ambitious agenda, which reaffirmed commitments to intensifying and deepening close cooperation and reaffirmation of the process of building trust between the two countries as an example of good-neighbourly relations in the region.

Osmani – Dendias meeting in Athens

The Foreign Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Bujar Osmani, during his first official visit to the Hellenic Republic since assuming office, met with his host, the Foreign Minister of Greece, Nikolaos Dendias.  The focus of the talks between the two colleagues of the two neighbouring countries was to establish the framework of the future activities for the two countries in accordance with the action Plan for cooperation and implementation of the Agreement for Strategic Partnership (known as the Prespa Agreement). In addition to the dominant topics of intensifying and promoting economic cooperation, through greater cooperation of economic chambers in terms of infrastructure, of cross-border facilitation of movement of citizens, energy, discussions also turned on further deepening of political dialogue, friendship and good relations with the neighbours, as policies for building a common European future.  “It is a real pleasure to start the year with such a successful visit to Greece. Our sincere intentions are to cross the threshold of good-neighbourliness, as a correct political narrative, and to lay the foundations for building a deeper long-term friendship between the two countries, as the highest expression of success of politics and diplomacy”, Osmani emphasized.  The European integration and alliance within NATO were among the topics discussed between the two counterparts, regarding which Osmani emphasized:  “As an immediate neighbour that, at the same time, is a member of the EU, I think that the principled support of Greece for opening negotiations with North Macedonia without delays is of particular importance. We appreciate this support and I consider it to be one of the key inputs in creating long-term friendship between the two countries. In the same vein, I want to emphasize cooperation within NATO, through the arrangement between the two countries for protection of the airspace, which has greatly contributed to promotion of the trust between the two countries at political and security level.”  Regarding the greater commitment of the two countries to enriching the bilateral cooperation, during Osmani’s official visit to Greece three memoranda of understanding were signed between the two countries on cooperation in the field of investment and foreign trade between the enterprises “Greece S.A.” and “Invest North Macedonia”, on cooperation between foreign ministries in diplomats’ education, and on cooperation in the field of civil protection.  “I am especially pleased that today’s visit was crowned with the signing of three very important memoranda of cooperation. I have always said that economy and business should lead our relations, it is our obligation that through these memoranda, through political cooperation, we create all conditions for further promotion of trade exchange, exchange in the field of tourism, investment, as the most important and undoubtedly the most tangible benefit for the citizens. There are serious infrastructure and energy projects ahead of us: through the construction of the interconnector for transport of gas, connecting countries through a gas pipeline, rehabilitation of the existing oil pipeline, taking part in the construction of the gas terminal Alexandroupolis, railway connection, road connection, and, of course, opening of the new border crossings Markova Noga-Lemos and Majden-Promachoi”, Osmani emphasized,  The Minister’s agenda in the framework of his official visit to Greece also includes meetings with the President of the Hellenic Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, and the Alternate Minister of European Affairs, Varvitsiotis Miltiadis.

Minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia:

Bujar Osmani

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