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Our objective is to both promote and advance our interests at the international stage. The Euro-Atlantic and European integration is our key priority, while remaining committed to ensuring a secure, stable, and prosperous region, as well as to furthering the bilateral and multilateral cooperation with all our regional and international partners. We continue providing a variety of consular services for all our nationals abroad.

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Osmani holds coordinative meeting with religious communities regarding the Census

 Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani met with the leaders of religious communities in the Republic of North Macedonia which discussed the course and the activities regarding the 2021 Census, which has started for several categories of citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, including the diaspora since 1 March. The meeting was held at the Parliamentarians’ club, and was attended by the State Statistical Office Simevski, the Director of the Commission for Relations with Religious Communities and Groups, Sotirovski, and the Director of the Emigration Agency, Bliznakovski. “I called the religious leaders to a meeting and briefed them on the process,in order to present our activities and, of course, to ask for their support, a public appeal on their part, for an even broader and more thorough mobilization of our citizens in the census. Religious communities have a developed network throughout numerous global centres where our citizens live, as well as an eminent authority among our diaspora, and I consider their contribution to this process especially important.We have had a productive talk and, at my personal satisfaction, I think that today we secured significant support that will contribute to even wider spread of information among our diaspora”, Osmani emphasised. That was also the reason for the presence of the Director of the Emigration Agency, as a competent institution with a wide network of contacts that they have with expatriates, their associations and organizations. Their involvement in activities and logistics aimed at our diaspora would mean a contribution to the success of this process. At the meeting, Osmani talked about the importance of involvement of the diaspora, their self-registration, the massiveness of this process, which would lead to an improved picture of the distribution of our citizens abroad and in that context, he underlined: “We will get a picture of their communication with our country as well as their needs for state services; we will get a picture of their ambitions, whether to remain in the country of their stay or even better, the potentials or possibilities to return in our country; we will get information about their qualitative, demographic, educational, social structure, this is very important information that will help us as a country, as a society to increase communication and create real policies aimed at the diaspora.”  At the end of the meeting, Osmani emphasised that this process should not be exclusive, but on the contrary, through common, inclusive cooperation such as the one today, and throughout the process, by including all participants in the public life, in order to achieve the goal, to have a successful census.  

Meeting of DFM Isaki with UN Resident Coordinator

On 4 March, 2021, Ms. Fatmire Isaki, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia, met Ms. Rossana Dudziak, UN Resident Coordinator in the Republic of North Macedonia. At their meeting, the two interlocutors jointly recognized the high level of successful cooperation, while emphasizing the importance of the successful implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for North Macedonia 2021-2025. In this regard, Deputy Foreign Minister Isaki reaffirmed the commitment of the Republic of North Macedonia to further strengthening democracy, human rights protection, good governance and the country’s sustainable development in pursuance with the UN commitments and in line with the aspirations and the strategic priority of the Republic of North Macedonia for EU membership. Expressing her appreciation for the hitherto cooperation and for the country’s contribution to the promotion of global peace and prosperity, UN Resident Coordinator Dudziak expressed readiness for further engagement by the UN and by UN agencies with a view to attaining the sustainable development goals and advancing the activities in a number of areas for the benefit of citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia.    

Deputy FM Fatmire Isaki meets with ZvonkoMilas, State Secretary at the Republic of CroatiaCentral State Office for Croats Abroad

Statement of Deputy FM Fatmire Isaki:

The relations and cooperation between the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Croatia are in a continuous upward trend and I can proudly say that our sincere and deep friendship that has been established through a series of personal and family contacts in the last three decades is continuously upgraded by deepening and strengthening of the mutual political dialogue, economic cooperation, cultural, trade, and tourist exchange and cooperation in many other fields.

An equally important link in our mutual relations are the members of our community in Croatia, and of the Croatian one in North Macedonia who, through a series of activities remain in constant contact with their home country, culture and language, and at the same time, provide special contribution to the quality of our excellent bilateral relations and cooperation.

In this sense, I would like to emphasise that the two countries, by signing the Agreement in 2007, built the foundations for quality exercising of the minority rights, but they also envisioned a mechanism to monitor this implementation, that is, the Intergovernmental Joint Commission. Today, I had the honourof meeting the co-chair on the Croatian part, MrZvonkoMilas, State Secretary at the Republic of Croatia Central State Office for Croats Abroad.

During our talk, we welcomed the fact that the two Governments have a very positive relation to minority issues that can be a very complex subject. Minorities share the same problems that affect all citizens of a country, but at the same time, they have additional challenges related to preserving their cultural and national identity, and foremost protection of their cultural heritage, education, and fostering of their mother tongue. It is a fact that citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia who live in Croatia are especially pleased with their exercised rights and we as their homeland are grateful for the support that the Republic of Croatia provides in this sense.

I am pleased with the fact that, during the last meeting of the Intergovernmental Joint Committee in Zagreb on 8 October 2019, a positive step forward was noted in the fulfilment of the obligations undertaken by the Macedonian side. I have to stress that this gave me a further encouragement and enthusiasm in the past period, since my appointment as co-chair of the Macedonian side of the Committee, to start detecting, creating and implementing activities that contribute to the development and improvement of cooperation in this field, aware of the importance of the preservation and promotion of the language and cultural diversity and tradition in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The frequent meetings of members of the Committee, like the one we had today, show that there is interest by our Governments to move the process forward. For that reason, I am looking forward to the upcoming fifth meeting in Skopje, for which I believe that we will respond to the set tasks and common aspirations in a constructive atmosphere.

Minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia:

Bujar Osmani

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