Economic Diplomacy

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, in line with its commitment to securing the economic progress of the country, has set the further development and heightened role of economic diplomacy as one of the priority activities in the 2019 Work Programme. To achieve this goal, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the diplomatic/consular missions, using economic diplomacy, are important carriers of the obligation to implement this priority, as well as to establish coordination mechanisms for the overall institutional potential aimed at valorising and promoting our economic interests abroad.

In this context, the Ministry of Foreign affairs, in its day-to-day operations, is focused on implementing specific initiatives which includes further boosting the image of North Macedonia abroad and promoting its economic interests in an effort to promote economic cooperation with other countries and attract foreign investments which is in line and coincides with the priorities of the Government aimed at accelerating economic growth: 

  • Activities that strengthen the position of the country as a reliable business partner and destination
  • Presenting the Republic of North Macedonia as an attractive destination for foreign investments by way of promoting the advantages of doing business
  • Activities that boost the export of Macedonian products
  • Activities that promote the Republic of North Macedonia as an attractive tourist destination with the purpose of increasing the number of tourists who visit the country
  • Activities related to the infrastructure and energy connectivity of the country at regional and global level

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirms the economic interests of our country abroad through the Directorate for Economic and Public Diplomacy in cooperation with the relevant ministries and agencies, the Macedonian diplomatic missions – Embassies and Consulates General as well as the Honorary Consuls of the Republic of North Macedonia abroad. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues the practice of regularly informing and cooperating with Macedonian and foreign DCMs in the implementation of important economy-related projects, initiatives and relevant information. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Directorate for Economic and Public Diplomacy, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and other relevant ministries actively participates through its representatives in the work of the Joint Committees for Economic Cooperation with the purpose of enhancing our bilateral economic relations with other countries.

The efforts to attract foreign investments and the conditions for doing business in the country have yielded positive results. A large number of renowned foreign companies operate in the country, including: Johnson Controls, Johnson Mattey, Kromberg & Schubert, KEMET Corporation, Van Hool, Dräxmaier.

The business climate created in the country holds many advantages for foreign companies wishing to expand their business outside their respective countries, that is, to invest in North Macedonia. 

The comparative advantages offered by the country (skilled and inexpensive work force, Government that supports foreign investments, low expenditures, one-stop shop system, tax incentives and subsidies, good infrastructure etc.) provide an environment that is conducive to starting and operating a business. 

Last updated: 23 November 2020