Osmani: The echo from Ohrid and Prespa will resonate throughout the world

01 July 2021

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani as host and organizer of the largest international conference that North Macedonia has ever organized, today, during the Prespa Forum Dialogue in Ohrid held a press conference dedicated to this event.

This conference gathered the whole region, influential representatives of the European Union, representative of multilateral organizations, regional initiatives, representatives of EU member states, of the U.S., etc. The most influential non-governmental organisations, analysts, representatives of the academic community are in Ohrid and Oteshevo today, united under the auspices of the Prespa Forum Dialogue.

Osmani informed that today, we have presidents of countries, prime ministers, more than 20 ministers not only from the region but from the whole of Europe and the U.S. are here today. More than 100 foreign journalists who are covering the event are here, which speaks for its importance and in that context, he emphasised that the echo from Prespa and Ohrid will resonate throughout the world.

“Ohrid was not selected to host this event which has a double symbolism by accident. We were here 20 years ago, when the historic Ohrid Framework Agreement was signed, which placed the foundations and paved the way for the next two agreements that came later, the Prespa Agreement with Greece and the Friendship Treaty with Bulgaria. We built this platform on the basis of the three agreements, which, in fact are the cornerstones and the three turning points on our path to building our modern, democratic country, and the common denominator of the three agreements is that they were all reached through dialogue. They present our authentic story and serve as an inspiration to establish the dialogue in the Prespa Forum, as a platform for promoting reconciliation, building confidence and political dialogue”, Osmani emphasised.

The minister informed that the forum will be dominated by topics about diplomacy, international relations, geopolitical reality, and modern challenges; that an attempt will be made to find a way to insert the missing part and to make Europe whole, which, in fact, is the theme of this conference, to talk about the missing part of Europe. 

Osmani emphasised that the Panel on the Future of Europe is a pioneering breakthrough for the involvement of Western Balkan countries in this Conference, which along with the European Service for Foreign and Security Policy and the civil society from the region, and Germany, are raising the region’s voice about this event.

“As I already pointed out, this is by far the biggest event we have ever organized, which was a challenge from every aspect: organization and technical, protocol, even political, to host highest-level guests from the region, Europe, even the U.S.. I will finish here and invite you to continue to follow the contents of this conference, the exchange of opinions, ideas, which will lead to fruitful conclusion that will leave a mark not only on this country, but on the whole region”, Osmani concluded.