Osmani at NATO leaders’ Summit: Important day for the Alliance, with important and ambitious decisions

15 June 2021

At the very beginning of the NATO Leaders’ Summit of the Alliance member states, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, in media statement, presented the expectations from the Summit, where ambitious decisions are to be made and where the Alliance's commitment to the transatlantic relationship is to be reaffirmed. Osmani also tackled the expectations for the main topic, the "NATO 2030" initiative, whose purpose is to prepare the Alliance for the next decade.

"Today is a really important day, not only for us but for the whole Alliance. After difficult consultations and several preparatory ministerial meetings that I personally attended, today the NATO summit is being held at the headquarters of the Alliance, which will conclude the main directions for the NATO 2030 initiative. The ambitious transatlantic agenda is on the table today,which should ensure a greater role for the Alliance in creating long-term security, but also greater synergy, greater integration of the member states themselves when it comes to common security," Osmanisaid.

In his statement, Minister Osmani stressed the importance that the Alliance attaches to the fight against hybrid threats and further activities undertaken to address these contemporary challenges, and expressed support for the transatlantic partnership as the cornerstone of our collective security.

"The transatlantic partnership remains the cornerstone of our collective security. Today we will set out the guidelines for the Alliance's role in current threats and security challenges; but in addition to the burning issues, we’ll define the guidelines for dealing with new modern challenges such as hybrid challenges. Furthermore, the foundations will be laid for a deeper cooperation between the allies towards strengthening the resistance, maintaining the advantage in technological development and closer cooperation with the partners ", Osmanistressed.

In his statement, Osmani also referred to our commitment as a candidate country for EU membership, as well as the need for increased strategic cooperation between NATO and the EU.

"The completion of the European Union with the integration of the Western Balkans is a geostrategic investment for the whole continent. Our contribution to this partnership is clear - and at this summit we will reaffirm our commitment - we are NATO!" Osmani concluded.