Osmani and economic advisors visit municipalities

29 May 2021

The Foreign Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia Bujar Osmani, and the economic advisors who have been assigned to travel to Warsaw (the Visegrad Group), Munich (Germany and Austria), Ankara for Turkey, and Abu Dhabi for UAE and other Gulf countries as part of economic diplomacy, visited the municipality of Tetovo today. In addition to meeting with representatives of the local government, they paid a visit to the Free Economic Zone in Tetovo, the Alpi Milk factory for milk and dairy products, as well as other places with economic and tourist potential.

“With this visit we looked into opportunities, potentials and the needs of the local government so that we can contribute to further development and attracting investments, increasing exports and promotion of tourism through economic diplomacy and economic advisors”, Minister Osmani emphasised, adding that in recent years municipalities have had their competences increased, especially in managing public land, and therefore closer cooperation is necessary that will contribute to greater promotion of local potentials. Osmani noted the larger plan for visits to several bigger municipalities by representatives of economic diplomacy.   

In addition to today’s visit to Tetovo, similar visits have been planned for most of the bigger cities in the country, continuing with Gostivar, Ohrid, Bitola, Prilep, Krushevo, Kavadarci, Shtip, Vinica, Berovo, Strumica, Dojran, and Gevgelija. The aim of this visits and meetings is for economic advisors to gain a closer insight into regional business needs, get a clearer picture of the needs of municipalities, to become better acquainted with their capacities for increasing exports, the opportunities for foreign investments, and development of tourism.

Furthermore, economic advisors have gone through three stages of cooperation and this is the last stage. Initially, they had preparations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, followed by visits and consultations with all relevant ministries and institutions related to economy at central level, and in the third stage they had theoretical lectures from eminent economy professors. This last stage includes a visit to municipalities and familiarizing with opportunities and needs of the local self-government.