Osmani – Linde meeting in Brussels

10 May 2021

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani in Brussels met with the Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Sweden, Ann Linde. During their meeting, Osmani and Linde talked about the important aspects of the European file of North Macedonia, focusing on the chances for a swift breakthrough on our European path, for which Sweden has consistently voices support. In that context, it was said that Sweden encourages the progress of each candidate in the process according to merit and results, as well as that the Republic of North Macedonia has fulfilled all criteria necessary for opening negotiations with the EU.

At the meeting, Osmani presented the progress in the key reform areas, underlining that our country is determined to implement European values and standards, not only for further progress in the European integration process, but foremost for improving everyday life of the citizens of North Macedonia.

“It is urgent to reach a consensus on the negotiating framework and to hold the first Intergovernmental conference of North Macedonia with the EU for the consistent implementation of the decision to open accession negotiations. This is important not only in terms of valorizing our achievements, but in terms of maintaining the credibility of EU’s enlargement policy and the encouragement needed for the European perspectives of the whole region”, Osmani emphasised.

The Ministers also discussed cooperation within the OSCE considering the fact that Sweden is the current chair of the organization, and our country will take over in 2023. It was agreed that the two countries will cooperate in a partnering relation aimed at full respect for the shared values that the OSCE is founded upon, such as human rights, democracy and the rule of law, as well as the development of the model of multiethnic relations.