Minister Osmani Presents French EU Presidency Proposal on North Macedonia Starting Accession Negotiations to Ministry Foreign Policy Strategic Council

06 July 2022

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, convened today the Foreign Policy Strategic Council with the aim of holding consultations on the proposal of the EU for the start of accession negotiations with North Macedonia.

 The Strategic Council represents one of the cornerstones in building the long-term foreign policy strategy of North Macedonia established within a process that was initiated last year at and by the Ministry under the title of Reflection 2030.

 At the meeting, Minister Osmani delivered an in-depth elaboration on the chief elements of the latest EU proposal which, as he explained, did not interfere with identity issues, and after nearly two decades of EU candidate status, allowed for the well-deserved accession negotiations to be opened with the country.

 "In light of the broader geopolitical effects that the Russian aggression against Ukraine has produced and taking into account the need for political stability and predictable development of our region, continuing our EU integration becomes that much more important," Osmani emphasized in that respect.

 Consultations with all relevant society stakeholders represent an important aspect of the process of arriving at a final decision on this historic moment for the direction that the country is to be taking in the period ahead.

  4 July 2022