First international conference "Women in foreign policy" ends

16 September 2021

The two-day conference for promotion of gender equality "Women in Foreign Policy", organized for the first time by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the initiative of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, FatmireIsaki, and under the auspices of the First Lady, ElizabetaGjorgievska, successfully ended.

On the first day of the international conference, the focus of the panels was on the participation of women in foreign policy and the need to increase their participation in decision-making processes, and also considered opportunities to enhance their role in society as active and constructive political actors. Today was dedicated mainly to the need for greater involvement of women in the business sector, as well as the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on women.

At the same time, Joint Declaration was adopted during the conference, establishing a network of women diplomats from the Western Balkans region.

The conference was attended by high-ranking politicians and diplomats from the region and women ambassadors, participants from other European and non-European countries, participants from international and regional organizations, honorary consuls, renowned figures from academia, business, civil society and youth organizations.

It is planned to hold a conference of this nature on an annual basis, and at the same time during the year to organize other, smaller events, such as thematic workshops, seminars, round tables, etc. which will discuss issues of strengthening the role of women in all aspects of social life.


Skopje, September 15, 2021