Osmani presents first four economic advisers to be sent to Warsaw, Munich, Ankara, and Abu Dhabi

17 April 2021

Today, in the framework of fulfilment of the activities projected under his mandate mission, aimed at revitalization and strengthening of economic diplomacy, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani presented the first four appointed economic advisers, who will be assigned to our embassies to head and implement economic policies in each country and region individually.

In the first part of the pilot-project, Ambassador Ilija Psaltirov, who holds a Doctorate in Economic sciences, will be sent to Warsaw, from where, in addition to Poland, he will cover the other Visegrad Group countries, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Abdilxhemil Saiti will leave for Germany, at the Consulate in Munich, which will be in charge of economic activities for Austria as well – two countries that are the biggest economic partners of the country.

Suzana Tuneva, who holds an MA in international economic relations, will be sent to the Embassy in Ankara, which is a clear important destination from an economic viewpoint, taking into account the deep economic relations that have been already created with the Republic of Turkey.

Bekri Ajdini, who has an MA in international economics, has been not only involved but in charge of the EXPO 2020 Dubai portfolio since the very beginning; he already has specific knowledge of economic relations with the United Arab Emirates, and the Gulf region in general, and will therefore be assigned to the Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

“The task of the economic advisers will be to present the potentials of the Republic of North Macedonia as an attractive destination for foreign investments; to promote the country as an appealing tourist destination; to promote our export potentials; and to promote North Macedonia in general as an economic and political brand that is a part of modern society”, Osmani emphasised.

In addition to dispatching economic advisers, as part of the project of strengthening diplomatic economy, Osmani announced video-conferences with our partners in these countries and regions.

“In the following months, in accordance with protocols due to the pandemic, I expect that we will start with video meetings and presentations with our partners and colleagues from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Austria, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Gulf Countries; activities that will be primarily a responsibility of the economic advisers that I presented today”, Osmani said.

The Minister said that the target of the next phase of this pilot-project are several multilateral economic missions. In coordination with the ministries of agriculture and of economy, in the second half of the year our representatives will be sent to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in Rome; as well as a representative at the World Trade Organization office in Geneva.