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Osmani-Radman meeting during working visit to Croatia

As part of his working visit to the Republic of Croatia, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani met with his Croatian counterpart, the Foreign Minister of Croatia GordanGrlićRadman. In the discussions, bilateral relations were marked as dynamic and friendly, with intensive political dialogue at the highest level, through successful cooperation in many fields of mutual interest. The two ministers agree that the continuation of the EU enlargement policy will be a positive signal for the whole region as an essential interest of the member states of the Union, for a European Western Balkans. “The European Union needs to adopt several particularly important steps and decisions for us, that is: to adopt the negotiating framework for accession negotiations, to schedule the first Intergovernmental Conference and to formally open accession negotiations. I want to be honest, given the reform progress achieved, given our long European path, I think that we deservedly expect for this to happen by the end of this year, during the German Presidency with the Council of the EU”, said Minister Osmani, voicing gratitude to his colleague GrlićRadman for the strong support from Croatia for our European ambitions, which was crowned with the decision of the Council of the EU to start negotiations during the Croatian Presidency with the EU in the first half of this year. “The crown of this support was thedecision to open EU accession negotiations with our country in March this year, during Your Presidency, and the 2020 Zagreb Declaration was an additional support of the commitment of Western Balkan countries for inclusive regional cooperation and strengthening of good-neighbourly relations”, emphasized Osmani at the meeting. Osmani informed Minister Radman about his visit to neighbouring Bulgaria, underlining the importance of the continuation of mutual communication at the highest level, as the only way to overcome potential differences and removing all challenges for normal continuity of the European integration of North Macedonia. “We increased political communication with neighbouring Bulgaria at several levels, and the Joint Multidisciplinary Committee on Historical Issues also intensified its work. I believe that in the upcoming period we will properly address all challenges and we will not allow the great joint political investment in the European perspectives of the whole region fail”, Osmani emphasized. The interlocutors discussed cooperation within NATO, economic cooperation, tourism, the initiatives for opening Cultural and Information Centres in Skopje and Zagreb, as well as the activities related to the protection and promotion of the rights of minorities in the two countries, which are a bridge for bringing us closer. They placed special focus on the current situation in the region and beyond, regional cooperation, including coordination measures in tackling Covid-19.

Osmani meets with Prime Minister Plenković in Zagreb

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani started his working visit to Croatia with a meeting with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia Andrej Plenković.   Osmani thanked Plenković for Croatia’s continued support and the exceptional engagement during its Presidency with the Council of the European Union, under which the Council of the EU reached a consensus and adopted the decision to open accession negotiations with the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Albania. “We a have a true partner in the Republic of Croatia, a traditional supporter of our aspirations for integration in the European family. We especially appreciate the fact that in the past period Croatia firmly believed in the Republic of North Macedonia as an important link in creating and maintaining the stability of the region”, Osmani emphasized. Prime Minister Plenković emphasized that Croatia will continue with its strong and resolute support for the European integration of North Macedonia, and it will be a vocal advocate in the process of harmonization of the negotiating framework and the formal start of accession negotiations with the holding of the first Intergovernmental Conference by the end of this year. During the day Minister Osmani will meet with his German counterpart Goran GrlićRadman, and as part of the visit he will also visit the Croatian Parliament (Sabor) where he will meet with the Chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee GariCappelli, the Chairman of the European Affairs Committee DomagojHajduković and the Member of Parliament ErminaLekajPrljaskaj, who represents the Macedonian, Albanian, Montenegrin, Bosnian and Slovenian national minority. In the margins of the visit to Croatia, Minister Osmani is expected to give an interview for the respected Croatian weekly “Nacional”.

Meeting Osmani- Zorčič in Ljubljana

During the official visit to the Republic of Slovenia, Minister Osmani also met with the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, Igor Zorčič.

The meeting reaffirmed the excellent bilateral relations between the two countries which are a result of the long-term and traditional friendship, whereupon opinions were exchanged about the opportunities and potential for further development of mutual relations, particularly with the aim of intensifying economic cooperation, common activities within the NATO partnership, as well as the continued support from Slovenia in the process of EU integration of our country.

“We had an honest and open discussion. I am happy with the announcement that EU enlargement with countries from our region is going to be high on the agenda of the Slovenian Presidency with the Council of the EU in the second half of 2021, which was also the case during the first Slovenian Presidency as an EU member state in 2009. This is something we expect from a close neighbor of the Western Balkans and a proven friend”, Osmani emphasized, voicing gratitude to Speaker Zorčič about the great and unconditioned support that Slovenia provides for North Macedonia in the process of our accession to the EU.

The meeting also discussed the alliance in NATO, and opinions were exchanged about the current domestic, regional and international topics, as well as engagements and commitments to the future of our region. In that context, the impressive activities of North Macedonia in terms of promoting good neighbourly relations were welcomed.

Osmani is paying an official visit to Slovenia at the invitation of Foreign Minister AnžeLogar. In addition to the high-level meetings, during his stay in Ljubljana, the Minister gave several interviews to the Slovenian media, including the National Television of Slovenia –“TV Slo”, and the high-circulation daily newspaper “Delo”.

Minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia:

Bujar Osmani

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