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The Coat of Arms of the Republic of Macedonia


The Coat of Arms of Republic of Macedonia has underwent several revisions – in 1946 when the Coat of Arms of the People’s Republic of Macedonia was replaced and on 16 November with the removal of the red star the National Emblem assumes its present outline. The Macedonian Coat of Arms is one of the two in Europe maintaining landscape character. The Coat of Arms of Republic of Macedonia presents two wheat garlands meeting on the top, enriched with opium poppy fruits and tobacco leaves, tied by a ribbon decorated with embroidery off traditional Macedonian folk motifs. In the centre of the ovoid frame are depicted a mountain, a lake and a sunrise.


The Flag of Republic of Macedonia

zname-na-rm The flag of the Republic of Macedonia is an official flag for the territory of the country, adopted in 1995. The flag depicts a stylized yellow sun centered on a red field with eight rays emanating from the sun, tapering to a point. The sun rays cross diagonally, horizontally and vertically. The center of the sun is the point where the diagonals of the flag intersect. The proportion of the width and the length of the flag is 1:2.


National Anthem of Republic of Macedonia

"Today over Macedonia" is a National anthem of Macedonia, composed in 1941. Author of the lyrics is Vlado Maleski, while the composer is Todor Skalovski. Following the end of the World War II it was first adopted as an anthem of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia in frames of the Yugoslavian federation, while in 1992 it was proclaimed with a law an anthem of the independent Republic of Macedonia.

Today over Macedonia is being born

Today over Macedonia, is being born
the new sun of liberty.
The Macedonians fight,
for their own rights!
The Macedonians fight
for their own rights!

Now once again the flag flies
(that) of the Krushevo Republic
Goce Delchev, Pitu Guli,
Dame Gruev, Sandanski!
Goce Delchev, Pitu Guli
Dame Gruev, Sandanski!

The Macedonian forests sing
new songs and news!
Macedonia is liberated
It lives in liberty!
Macedonia is liberated
It lives in liberty!

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