Press Releases

Although the story of membership in the European Union is a bit too long for Macedonia, it is still the best guarantee for peaceful and prosperous future of the Balkans. This was the message sent by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia to his counterparts at the panel discussion on the future of the Balkans in the EU which took place within this year’s Bled Strategic Forum in Slovenia.


Today Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia H.E. Mr. Nikola Poposki received the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea H.E. Mr. SHIN Boonam.


Yesterday the Republic of Macedonia opened an Honorary Consulate in Antwerp, Belgium. Rayes Lemmens, an entrepreneur with experiences in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa was appointed the honorary consul of the Republic of Macedonia. Lemmens is a successful entrepreneur who began his carrier in PR of China while studying law and international relations. Today, his resume lists that he has founded and managed several construction companies, real estate trading companies, internet trading companies, consulting companies etc.

71st United Nations General Assembly

As part of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly, Foreign Ministers of the Western Balkan countries met with the EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn, EU High Representative Federica Mogherini and held a meeting in the framework of the Adriatic Chapter under this year’s Croatian Presidency. Closer regional cooperation and active support from EU and NATO members in the region for full integration of candidate-countries were some of the topics discussed at the meetings.

The security conditions in Syria, consequences of the UK leaving the EU, European defence cooperation and tackling on-going crises were main topics covered at the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Transatlantic partnership organized by US Secretary of State, John Kerry.


Honouring the victims of war conflicts in our region is part of the culture of reconciliation and is above all a humane gesture. According to the information held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia the memorial plaque of Kajmakcalan is illegally placed. We expect our friends from the Republic of Bulgaria to respect the internationally accepted procedures for placing memorials. Furthermore, we expect institutions to discourage all players who are illegally placing memorials on the territory of another country, which can then be target to violence or arouse negative emotions among citizens.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs appreciates and respects the work of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and considers it particularly important for the protection and respect of human rights on a global scale. However, in reference to the last public announcement concerning the disrespect of migrant/refugee rights by the Republic of Macedonia and the harsh rhetoric used therein, we would like to underline that the Republic of Macedonia is committed to tackling the migrant crisis while simultaneously providing human treatment in line with national laws and international conventions on the protection of human rights.

On the sidelines of the 71st UN General Assembly, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia and Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Poposki held a meeting with Matthew Nimetz, mediator in the bilateral dispute with Greece under the auspices of UN. The meeting was used to exchange opinions on the current conditions and perspectives for overcoming the decade-long dispute.

The closing event of this year’s “I Love Macedonia – 2016” summer camp organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held from 14 to 21 August was held today at the Desaret Hotel in Ohrid.


The list of three candidates for the election of judges to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg was delivered to the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Macedonia to Strasbourg, to the Secretariat of the Council of Europe. The list is a result of the competitive national selection process carried out by the Committee on election of judges to the ECHR* and advisory decision by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.