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Minister's Interviews and Speeches

Интервју на МНР Димитров за српската ТВ Н1
Објавено: 17 април 2018 година
Новинар: Јована Штетин

Влегува ли Македонија во совршена бура?

Гостување на МНР Никола Димитров во емисијата „24 Отворено“
Дата: 17 април 2018 година
Новинар: Младен Чадиковски

Interview of FM Dimitrov for La Croix

Published: 17.4.2018
Journalist: Marie Verdier

I am also very emotional, this is a very special treat, as only, probably less than even a year ago, I was part of the family. In a way I hope I still am, I am still a nice guy, even though I’ve become a Foreign Minister.

So, I will do three things: I will tell you a bit of my story, in a humble way, mostly to underline my experience with Hedvig and Igor and everyone in the Fund (EBF) and everyone in the Balkan and Europe policy advisory group – Florian Bieber and the rest of the great people at the great brains that we need.

Интервју на МНР Никола Димитров на ТВ Алсат-М во емисијата „360 степени“
Новинар: Васко Попетревски
Дата: 13 април 2018 година

Гостување на МНР Никола Димитров во емисијата „Топ тема на ваша страна“
Дата: 27 март 2018 година
Новинар: Сања Васиќ

Интервју на министерот Никола Димитров за бугарската национална телевизија „БНТ“

Датум: 15 февруари 2018 година

Новинар: Бојко Василев

Интервју на министерот Никола Димитров за „Нова ТВ“ од Република Бугарија

Датум: 15 февруари 2018 година

Новинар: Јана Николова

Distinguished media representatives, distinguished citizens,

It is my honour to close the cycle of press-conferences regarding the first few months of the mandate of this Government in view of the numerous activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is quite evident that the new leadership at the MFA and the policy it leads has achieved a turning point in Macedonian foreign policy. We don’t want a policy which, in the words of Füle, leads to a dead end; we don’t want an EC report deeming Macedonia to be a captured state, an internationally isolated, friendless, self-doubting and scared state suffering from numerous complexes. Our policy is quite the opposite - we strengthen or renew friendships and establish new ones. We are restoring the image of Macedonia as a country that will work on improving itself. We want Macedonia to be a modern state which will draw attention with good news, a country with an image and the essence of a European democracy, a country that’s an attractive place to live and work – a country of happy citizens.

Interview of MFA Nikola Dimitrov for „SKY News“
Journalist: Adam Boulton
Date: 12 September 2017