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Poposki: In order to find a solution for the name we need inclusion of the big countries

Macedonian chief of diplomacy, Nikola Poposki, has no announcements that Matthew Nimetz tomorrow comes in Skopje with a new proposal for the name.



  Mr. Poposki, we talked to you in Skopje in February 2013. At that time you said that you are “affected” because on 11th December 2012 Bulgaria in Brussels practically blocked Macedonia in receiving negotiations date for EU membership. You used “Presa” to appeal: “Do not block our path towards Europe”. Do you still feel blocked today or are there any changes?



Q: Minister Poposki, how would you assess today's Macedonian-Serbian relations?

Minister Poposki: The Macedonian-Serbian relations have been continually good. In fact, there are no issues that would burden the relations between the two countries. Our relations are featured with high degree of mutual understanding and respect. The two countries share European aspirations and values, which on its part is a significant factor contributing to the advancement of the overall relations and cooperation. The two countries' Governments are seeking potentials for furthering the cooperation in all areas of mutual interest, as identified at the first joint session of the Governments of the two countries, while focusing on the promotion of the economic cooperation.

Најновиот извештај на Светската банка за глобалните економски проекции објавен во јануари 2014 год. прогнозира раст на македонската економија од 3% во оваа година, со кој земјата бележи водство пред сите свои соседи, вклучувајќи ги Албанија, Бугарија, Грција и Србија. Истовремено, Извештајот за водење бизнис (Doing Business Report) на Светската банка за 2013 год. ја рангираше земјата на 25-то место во светски рамки според леснотијата при остварувањето деловни активности во неа, при што, овој пат, таа бележи и особено високи резултати во однос на формирање нови претпријатија и обезбедување пристап до кредитни линии.



Interview by: Katerina Sinadinovska ([email protected] )

Photographs: Ivana Kuzmanovska ([email protected])


In an exclusive interview for Kapital, immediately after the New York talks between Mediator Mathew Nimetz and Macedonian and Greek negotiators, Zoran Jolevski and Adamantios Vassilakis, the chief of Macedonian diplomacy, Nikola Poposki, sends a message according to which “throughout the two-decade long practice of the New York talks it has become quite evident that Greece either does nothing concrete or presents bizarre ideas having no footing in international law, simply to present an alibi that it is indeed involved in some kind of activity while what it is in fact doing is rejecting all initiatives for open dialogue at either the Prime Ministerial or Presidential level that our side has constantly been putting forward.”

More meetings and projects are needed for a change. Nothing more symbolic than the EU Presidency for all this to happen, says Macedonia's Foreign Minister in an interview with

Do you believe the Greek EU Presidency will be the occasion for you to be Evangelos Venizelos' host?


Your Excellency Ambassador Shcherbak,

Dear Excellencies,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen, friends,


To what extent Macedonia will be present in the EU depends on Athens, but to what extent Europe will be present in our country depends solely on us

Poposki: At this stage, Macedonia is highly motivated to achieve a solution. Yet, considering the current situation in Athens, the other side has a very low level of motivation in this respect, insisting on delays and non-settlement.