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„Изгубивме една цела генерација“

Датум: 26 март 2019 година
Новинар: Мануела Свобода

Димитров: Можеме да ја смениме иднината

Датум; 07.02.2019
Автор: Тери Шулц

Macedonia's foreign minister: 'We can't change history but we can shape our future'

"Talking Europe" with Catherine Nicholson

Macédoine : « Nous allons montrer que les miracles sont possibles dans les Balkans »

Marc Semo

Journalist: Flora Wisdorff


Macedonia: Skopje expects EU accession talks to start in 2019

Given the progress achieved in the resolution of the name dispute with Athens, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia Dimitrov thinks that EU accession negotiations will start in 2019.

Journalist: Albrecht Meier

Source: Government of the Republic of Macedonia

Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov today, at the media centre of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia held a press conference in order to present detailed information of the public on the key elements of the Final Agreement with Greece regarding the name dispute, because, as MFA Dimitrov noted, "when making the decision, it is very important for each of us to know all essential elements of the Agreement."


Oбраќање на МНР Никола Димитров на панел дискусија „Евроатлантска иднина за Македонија“
Скопје, 3 септември 2018 година

Интервју од Вашингтон за МИА - Димитров: САД стојат зад евроатлантскиот пат на Македонија
Новинар: Борис Камчев
Датум: 23 август 2018 година

“We shouldn’t be afraid of the referendum, that is, the will of the people! Citizens deserve a chance to decide for themselves regarding their own future!”