Press Releases

Press Releases

Министерот за надворешни работи Никола Димитров имаше воведно обраќање пред претставниците на младинските организации кои учествуваат на Јавната дебата со работен наслов „Регионална соработка во Западен Балкан: Нов предизвик или нова можност!” која денеска се одржа во Скопје.


A working meeting was held today between the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov and the Ambassadors of the Visegrad Group countries which was organized by the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, the country currently chairing the Visegrad Group in accordance with the established practice. Members of this group aside from the Czech Republic also include Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.


Денес, министерот за надворешни работи Никола Димитров се сретна со претседателот на Европскиот комитет на Регионите Карл–Хајнц Ламбертц, кој е во посета на Република Северна Македонија на 17 и 18 септември 2019 година.


Заменик министерот за надворешни работи, Андреј Жерновски, денеска оствари средба со делегација на ОБСЕ/ОДИХР, предводена од шефот на Мисијата за набљудување на изборите во земјава, Корин Јонкер.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov gave introductory remarks today at the opening of Balkan Donors Forum organized by the Foundation Open Society and their representative office in the Republic of North Macedonia, in cooperation with several important donors from the Balkans.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov met today with the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Austria, Georg Woutsas, who presented the copies of the credentials for his appointment as Ambassador of the Republic of Austria to the Republic of North Macedonia.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov concluded his working visit to Berlin with today's meetings with the CDU/CSU member of the German Bundestag, Johann Wadephul, Chancellor Merkel's foreign policy adviser, Jan Hecker, as well as with representatives of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thomas Ossowski, in charge of EU Policies and Susanne Schütz, in charge of Southeast Europe.

Today, as part of the first day of his working visit to Berlin, Minister Nikola Dimitrov held a series of activities and meetings aimed at presenting the Macedonian arguments before the German hosts for a decision on opening accession negotiations with the EU in October.


The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrej Zernovski, paid a working visit today to the German Federal State of Bavaria. The visit was carried out at the invitation of the chairperson of the Committee on European Affairs of the Bavarian Parliament.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia, Nikola Dimitrov, had a working meeting today in Brussels, as part of his working visit, with the Ambassadors of EU member states (COREPER), organized by the Finnish Presidency of the European Union.