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Today, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia Nikola Poposki paid official visit to Montenegro. During the meeting with his host Lukshic, it was mutually agreed that Montenegro and Macedonia have friendly relations and share the same priorities, and both Ministers Poposki and Lukshic reiterated the need to create a joint approach in advancing the economic cooperation as well as to attract foreign investments.

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Underlining the positive experiences in joint bilateral and regional initiatives, it was said that the partnership being built between the two countries is proof of the commitment to the implementation of the European values in the region, but it also shows the direction for the relations with other partner countries in the region and Europe.

The meeting also tackled issues relating to international cooperation with special emphasis on the efforts made by both countries for full-fledged EU and NATO membership.

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Both counterparts also voiced their readiness to exchange experiences on expert level, in accordance with the signed Agreement between their two Governments related to the EU accession process, and they both pointed out the role of the fruitful cooperation in other areas, such as interior affairs, defence, culture and tourism as a warranty for success of every future initiative and cooperation.

Ministers Poposki and Lukshic agreed that there are certainly things to be done: in the meantime focus is placed on improving infrastructure, regional connectivity and creating a single market. This is necessary if we want to approach the economic development of the rest of Europe.

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“For Macedonia the movement of any neighbouring country closer to the EU is beneficial for everyone. But this will not happen in the next several years”, said Minister Poposki.

Answering a journalist’s question regarding the expectations from the Report by the European Commission, Minister Poposki said: “Without Athens in the mix, the EC’s Report on Macedonia is like a ship stranded on dry land, it cannot be moved”.

At the sidelines, Minister Poposki also held meetings with the President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanovic and the Prime Minister, Milo Gjukanovic.

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He gave lecture on: “European integrations of the Republic of Macedonia and Western Balkans” before the students of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Montenegro.