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Today Foreign Minister of Republic of Macedonia, Nikola Poposki, received the delegation of political executives from the Foreign Ministries of the Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg). The executives are visiting our country in order to meet with the conditions and activities in key priority segments related to Euro-integration.

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Foreign Minister Poposki extended his appreciation for the principled and consistent politics represented by the Benelux countries and support of the integration process for the Balkan countries. This politics includes the strict fulfilment of the criteria and fairness regarding the progress. The commencement of the accession negotiations remain top priority of the Government, mostly because of the catalyst impact over the transformation processes and further implementation of European standards and best practices in diverse areas of social living. Minister Poposki appealed for active attention and inclusion of the Benelux countries, being credible promoters of rule of international law, to stimulate the constructiveness and de-blocking the European integration processes for Republic of Macedonia.

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Alongside meeting Foreign Minister Poposki, the delegation of political executives from the Benelux countries yesterday had a working briefing with directors from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Macedonia.

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