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Today, Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki who is in Prague for an official visit of the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski to the Czech Republic had a meeting with his Czech colleague, the MFA Ljubomir Zaoralek.


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Both ministers expressed mutual satisfaction with the upper trend in the development of overall bilateral relations in the past 20 years since the establishment of bilateral relations, and they also reviewed the modalities for enhancement of the traditional and partnering and friendly relations between these two countries and people.

Both interlocutors discussed the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Republic of Macedonia and underlined the continuous and principled support that the Czech Republic is giving to Macedonia for EU and NATO membership. MFA Zaoralek reiterated the Czech support for sooner and unconditional commencement of the accession negotiations of EU with Macedonia pursuant to the applied approach of parallel development of membership negotiations and overcoming the bilateral differences with a member-state.

MFA Poposki presented the current Macedonian politics in implementation of reform processes for achievement of necessary political and economic standards in order to increase the Macedonian readiness for accession towards the Euro-Atlantic institutions reiterating the importance of the Euro-integrations and settlement of the Balkan as two intermingled processes.

Poposki and Zaoralek referred to the bilateral relations between Macedonia and the Czech Republic underlining the mutual commitment to their further deepening and improvement, mostly in the economic and trade co-operation, the culture, health and education, and within the frames of regional initiatives. A very important step that might contribute to the further enhancement of the partnership between two countries, according to them, is the execution of the Memorandum of Understanding and co-operation between the Crisis Management Centre of Republic of Macedonia and the Fire fighting and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic between the Ministry of Health of Republic of Macedonia and the University Hospital Motol from Prague.

They also discussed the current situation on the Balkan, the European continent and the world, in general.