Press Releases

On 26th September 2014 at the margins of the UN General Assembly MFA Nikola Poposki took participation at the meeting “Ukrainian Crisis, OSEC and Future European Security” organized by the OSCE Chairperson-in-office,  the Swiss Foreign Minister, Didier Burkhalter. In that context, the Minsk Protocol was emphasized, as well as the need of its implementation including the significant role of OSCE and the measures undertaken by the organization for resolution of the crisis.

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Vesna Pusic, took participation at the parallel Ministerial Meeting on topic “Integrated Approach to Gender Dimension for Sustainable Growth in Post-Conflict Context”. The meeting was an excellent opportunity for exchange of opinions regarding the importance of achieving gender equality in line of providing sustainable growth especially in regions hit by conflicts.

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Macedonia MFA also met the MFA of Lichtenstein, Aurelia Frick and they spoke of the good relations between the two countries and the co-operation they have on multilateral level. MFA Poposki met the new Foreign Minister of Turkey, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu. They discussed further development of the economic projects and investments, especially the ones initiated during the recent visit of PM Gruevski to Turkey, but also for the co-operation and exchange of know-how in the area of education and health.

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Furthermore, Foreign Minister Poposki met the MFA of Greece, Evangelos Venizelos. The ministers focused on areas of co-operation, especially the regional infrastructure. After the meeting MFA Poposki stated:

The mountains still stand around the imposed dispute. We are looking for canyons for co-operation. Rights and force – they never go hand in hand. In Macedonian-Greek relations they collide.

However, there are shared interests for projects and co-operation that will help us to go forward and to bridge the lack of trust between us. This is good for Greece; it will turn away the attention from the damage they are causing us with the blockades, both economic and political. It is less damaging for Macedonia unlike the alternative not to have any shared areas with the South.

Regarding the UN Process, the result depends of the commitment and interest of the ones who imposed it and the one over whom it was imposed. In that moment, no one doubts whether the Southern neighbours are committed to finding a solution and do they think about the international law and order.

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Foreign Minister Poposki accompanied the President of Republic of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov at the meeting with the UN Secretary General. Read more about the meeting on the following link.

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The next morning, on 27th September 2014, Foreign Minister Poposki took participation at the working breakfast organized by MFA of Lichtenstein.

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During the meeting they discussed informal ministerial network that would aim to give weight on the International Criminal Court. Macedonia, as announced by Poposki, is in the final phase of ratification of amendments regarding the Roma Statute.