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A public debate was held today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the draft text of the new Draft-Law on Foreign Affairs, with the goal of improving the transparency and inclusion of all foreign policy stakeholders in the law-making process. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov presented the draft-law, including the anticipated key novelties which tackle the specificity of the diplomatic service and ensure greater professionalism and modernization in the performance of foreign affairs.

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FM Dimitrov said“Today, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we had a public debate on the draft text of the Draft-Law on Foreign Affairs, which hasn’t been common practice in the past, especially given the inclusive, open and substantive nature of the debate. There are no pretences of the text being perfect, which is why serious efforts are made to carefully consider the constructive and argumentative proposals. The main guides when preparing this text were professionalising the service, establishing dignity, promoting meritocracy, trying to correct the accumulated inconsistencies of the past with a simultaneous orientation towards the future development of the service. The key here is that even the best law is meaningless without consistent, meaningful and proper implementation. The main goal is to create a legal foundation that will allow for the long-term development of an efficient, professional and modern diplomatic service, capable of dealing with the contemporary challenges of main interest to the country and its citizens.”

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Representatives of state institutions, academia, NGOs, Ministry staff, as well as former foreign ministers were invited to participate in the debate.

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