Press Releases

On the occasion of the press release published by the Trade Union of the Macedonian Diplomatic Service, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hereby issues the following statement:


The reasons for concern over the announcement of internal recruitment procedures for filling the vacant posts in the diplomatic and consular representations of the Republic of North Macedonia in a number of countries or international organisations are unfounded. This is a matter of regular staff rotation of diplomats who, at the end of their term, return to the Ministry from the DCRs and need to be replaced by others so that the DCRs can operate optimally. We expect the members of the newly established Trade Union of the Macedonian Diplomatic Service composed of around 70 formal members, all professional diplomats, to be aware of these regular operational processes of the Ministry.

The staff rotation will be carried out, as before, in line with the Law on Foreign Affairs and the Rules of Accreditation of Diplomats to DCRs by respecting all the established deadlines and in a transparent and competitive procedure which will ensure equal conditions for each applicant while the selection will be based on established criteria that validate the results of their work. As the Trade Union is well aware, the 2018 Rules of Accreditation regulate the role of the Trade Union in this procedure for the first time, and allow it to have its own representative as a member of the Election Committee. This method of selecting candidates for DCRs has already been implemented in several past cycles with the involvement of the Trade Union of the Macedonian Diplomatic Service, which has been active for over two decades and has 230 members with fully paid dues. This new Trade Union will have the same opportunity to see for itself that the Committee’s efforts are invested towards nominating and selecting the most suitable candidates for each of the vacant positions in the DCRs. 

Interestingly enough, the loudest opponents are those who have turned a blind eye to 11 years of brutal violation of trade union rights. And now, when the MFA places more emphasis on professionalism than ever before, with 19 career diplomats as ambassadors and no takeovers and direct appointment to leadership positions, the normal functioning of the diplomatic network is essentially being obstructed under the pretence of advocating the same values.

The Ministry once again reaffirms its commitment to high-quality and professional diplomatic service which is in the country’s interest.