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Today the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov took part in a panel discussion in Skopje titled: The Western Balkans:  Leaving Rivalry and Insecurity Behind” held within the Western Balkans Summit conference - "Reinforcing the momentum for European integration", organized by The Economist.  The panel, in addition to FM Dimitrov, was attended by other high representatives of the region, NATO and the EU as well as ambassadors and other representatives of the diplomatic corps and the academic community.

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In his address, Minister Nikola Dimitrov availed himself of the opportunity to argue for the need of a positive decision to start negotiations for North Macedonia's membership to the EU in the upcoming weeks at the Council of the EU, as well as to affirm our impending membership to the North-Atlantic Organization - which is expected to be formally materialized in the coming months, after the completion of the technical procedures within member-states.

FM Dimitrov: “The message that will be sent to us is also a message to the region, if the European Union is serious and backs up what it says with a political will to do what it actually says.  The stakes are also high for the EU because if there is no credibility of this process than the leverage will not be there. We don't have the luxury of missing opportunities and this if done properly will be a win-win for us, for the region, for our neighbors and for the European Union on the 15th of October.“

Minister Dimitrov voiced satisfaction that the influential Economist decided to organize the high-level conference in our country, ahead of the anticipated decision by the Council of the EU, and at a time when the NATO enlargement policy, through our country's membership in the Alliance, delivers a tangible contribution to the context of building a stable and secure region:  I don't think we can have a better time for this conference I would like to thank the team in Athens working for the Economist for organizing this event today exactly 14 days before our rendezvous with history in Luxembourg. We are going to be there in spirit in the same room where the discussions will be taking place.“

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At the panel dedicated to the political-security cooperation in the Western Balkans region, FM Dimitrov stressed that the prospects for European and Euro-Atlantic integration form the grounds for fostering a common strategic vision in the region and for cultivating common strategic goals and are a motive for building a safe regional environment through an inclusive approach.  He added that the nature and dimension of the challenges we face today transcend the national sphere and impose the need for increased transnational cooperation.

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FM Dimitrov: NATO is mostly about stability and security but I think the strength of a country is not only how strong its military is, it's also how powerful and prosperous its economy is, how many friends we have and how many of those friends are close enough to be with us in times of need.  Strength is also about how strong our institutions are and this is where the European process comes. Some of the values between those two organizations overlap and when we talk to our people to the citizens we say NATO is about the structural reinforcements of our house, and the roof over our heads, and the EU accession process is the tool, the blueprint of what we need to do to renovate at home. To clean up the house and renovate. And this is the process that we hope to be able to start on the 15th of October.“

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