Press Releases

On the sidelines of the event, Minister Dimitrov took part in a panel discussion organized by the World Economic Forum under a working title: “Strengthening the European leadership role at a global level in the field of climate change and growth of environmentally clean economy”.


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Opinions were exchanged at the high-level event on the need for coordinated action to effectively tackle the new eco-challenges. The participants in the discussion noted the new global threats and risks to (human) security and the need for joint European action aimed at providing transport infrastructure without harmful emissions, renewable energy and innovative technologies in parallel with the processes of creating new jobs and the European transitions to a zero-emissions future.

The session was opened by the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, while the debate was attended by heads of state and government, ministers of EU member-states as well as high-representatives of various stakeholders.

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At the invitation of the World Economic Forum and the Brookings Research Institution, Minsiter Dimitrov participated in the thematic event “Shaping Partnerships in a Multi-Conceptual World.”

The discussion focused on the situation in Iran and the event was attended by a group of global leaders from the public and civil sector, research institutes and the business community.