Press Releases

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Minister of Defense, Radmila Sekerinska and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov, met today, on the sidelines of the Bled Strategic Forum with Matthew Palmer, US Special Representative for Western Balkans.


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Talks at the meeting focused on the dynamics of North Macedonia’s NATO membership process and the overall importance of the country’s integration into the Alliance, as well as the start of negotiations with the EU for the region and beyond. Opinions were also exchanged on the domestic political developments in the country and those in the neighborhood.

The US strongly supports North Macedonia in achieving its strategic goals – full-fledged NATO membership and the start of negotiations with the EU. North Macedonia has set an example in resolving political issues and opening up better perspectives for its citizens. Crime and its perpetrators are to be punished without exception, impunity in a NATO member state with a European future is not an option – as was noted at the meeting.

Minister Sekerinska thanked for the consistent support of the US for our country’s EU and NATO membership and underlined that the government will not let anything stand in the way of NATO and EU integrations.

“This generation of politicians made the step forward for their country, secured NATO membership and deserves the start of negotiations with the EU next month. This is the path we walk on with no room for calculations with responsibility. The cases of the SPO will have verdicts and anyone who broke the law will be held responsible, without exception”, Sekerinska said.

The US Special Representative for Western Balkans reiterated that the rule of law must govern, and the time for partisan games and attempts to evade responsibility is over. “North Macedonia belongs to NATO and the EU”, Palmer said.

“NATO promotes stability and in times of uncertainty, it is wise to speed up the integration process to strengthen the region and accept our European promise”, Dimitrov noted.