Press Releases

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia, Nikola Dimitrov met today with Ambassador Stéphane Dion, Special Envoy of the Prime Minister of Canada to the European Union and Europe.


220719OA MNR Dimitrov Sredba so specijalniot pratenik Stephane Dion 0274

Talks focused on North Macedonia’s NATO and EU membership. In this context, Minister Dimitrov thanked Canada for its strong and continuous support for achieving our strategic priorities, as well as the swift ratification of our country’s NATO Accession Protocol. Minister Dimitrov informed his interlocutor on the reform context our country is in and the expectation of receiving a date for starting accession negotiations with the EU this October: “North Macedonia and Canada share their liberal-democratic values, multilateralism and functional multiculturalism”, Dimitrov stressed.

220719OA MNR Dimitrov Sredba so specijalniot pratenik Stephane Dion 0278

The high-level representative of Canada reaffirmed Canada’s support in accordance with the Declaration on Cooperation and Strategic Partnership between the two countries. He emphasised: “I am here because I think we should not only deal with problems, but also with countries moving in the right direction, and North Macedonia is a positive example in this sense.”

At the meeting, interlocutors made an overview of the bilateral relations, deeming them friendly and close and reviewed ways to further deepen them at a bilateral level but also within the multilateral mechanisms of cooperation.

Current developments in the Southeast European region were also discussed.