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At the invitation of the renowned magazine The Economist, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia, Nikola Dimitrov, took part today in Athens in the 23rd Roundtable with the Government of Greece titled: “Europe: leaving indecisiveness behind?”


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Minister Dimitrov together with the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Cypruss, Nikos Christodoulides, the Alternate Minister for European Affairs of the Republic of Greece Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, the former Greek Minister, Georgios Katrougalos and the US Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt addressed the panel titled “Foreign Policy Challenges”, where the situation in the Balkans following the Prespa Agreement was discussed as well as the energy challenges that influence the regional geo-policy.

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Speaking of the bilateral relations with Greece and the Prespa Agremeent, Minister Dimitrov said:

“I don’t think there is a more natural relationship for our two countries than to be allies and strategic partners. We have to build a sense here in Athens with the new government that this is not a burden, that this is an opportunity. And we will do it.”

Touching upon the European perspective of the region, FM Dimitrov underlined the success of North Macedonia and stressed: “We have a very strong, compelling case this year, both with what we’ve done in foreign policy and domestic reforms. And if Europe doesn’t recognize this with a decision to start accession talks in October the message for the region will be don’t bother resolving difficult problems and spending political capital on entrenched intractable issues, don’t bother investing in reforms maybe it’s not worth it.

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When it comes to the EU integration process, instead of enlargement we should talk about completion.

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