Press Releases

Minister Nikola Dimitrov met today (12 May 2019) with the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Giorgos Katrougalos, who, on behalf of the Greek government, attended the inauguration ceremony of North Macedonia’s President, Stevo Pendarovski.


Dimitrov Katrugalos 02

During the meeting, interlocutors reaffirmed the readiness to continue with the positive dynamics of relations and cooperation between the two countries. It was stressed that high-level meetings (especially the visit of the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras to Skopje) reflect the desire to build relations based on mutual trust and partnership.

Talks also focused on economic cooperation with special emphasis on infrastructure connectivity, which facilitates the overall communication of citizens and business entities, including the new, already agreed-upon, border crossings.

Minister Dimitrov once again thanked for Greece’s support for our country’s EU and NATO membership. He voiced satisfaction with the pace of ratification of the accession protocol in NATO member-states and expressed expectation that North Macedonia’s achievements in terms of reforms and good-neighbourly relations will be properly evaluated by the European Union as well. “It will be an extremely important message to the entire region: the road to the EU is possible and it depends on results achieved.”

Dimitrov Katrugalos 01