Press Releases

During his working visit to Brussels, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov met with the Committee of Permanent Representatives of EU member states (COREPER), hosted by the Austrian permanent representative in the capacity of country chairing the Council of the European Union.


MNR Dimitrov Nikolaus Marschik

At the meeting, Minister Dimitrov, summing up the activities in the past year, welcomed the increased focus of the Union on the Western Balkans region and voiced expectation that it will continue in the next year. He discussed the activities related to the implementation of the Prespa Agreement and the process of constitutional amendments, as well as key reform activities, particularly such resulting from the June conclusions of the Council of the EU. Furthermore, MFA Dimitrov underlined the commitment and determination to continue on the selected path of European integration, despite the delicacy of the processes.

Minister Dimitrov asked for continued support from the EU and its member-states for the European perspective of the Republic of Macedonia: "Macedonia is good news at a time when Europe needs good news. Let's recognise the opportunity and make the progress irreversible. Together!"

Opinions on the latest developments in the region were also exchanged during the meeting, with the hope that the formal decision for the start of accession negotiations with the EU will be adopted next June.