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Today in Podgorica, at the Meeting of the US-Adriatic Charter Partnership Commission at the level of ministers of foreign affairs of member states and observers, a joint Communication was adopted which underlines that NATO will continue its "open doors" policy for accepting new members, which was the priority of the Montenegrin chairmanship with the Charter. The Communication welcomes the historic agreement between the Republic of Macedonia and Greece and states that it opens the country's path to NATO and EU membership.

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The decision of the Alliance to invite the Republic of Macedonia to start accession talks for the country's NATO membership is welcomed, congratulating on the steps undertaken by the country to implement the accession process and successfully complete accession talks with the Alliance. On this occasion, further implementation of upcoming steps was encouraged, which will lead to the Republic of Macedonia's NATO membership.

Emphasising the significance of receiving the Republic of Macedonia in NATO as the 30th member state of the Alliance, the Ministers pledged further strong support in the Communication, with assurance that the country's NATO membership will significantly contribute to regional security and stability.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia, Andrej Zhernovski, delivered an address in which he emphasised the importance of the fifteen years of existence of the US-Adriatic Charter, as an important form for promotion of regional cooperation and support for countries on the path to Euro-Atlantic integration.

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"The strong commitment of the Macedonian Government, the persistence and the political energy in the efforts to achieve the strategic interests of our country were recognized by our NATO and EU partners and that is why the Republic of Macedonia will become the 30th NATO member state", noted Zhernovski at the meeting. Underlining the importance of the strengthened mutual cooperation, he emphasised the need for promoting communication and greater mutual support as response to new security challenges, but also in support of processes that will allow completion of European and Euro-Atlantic integration in countries of the Region.

On this occasion, Deputy MFA Zhernovski, together with other heads of delegations, met with the President of Montenegro, Milo Đukanović. The meeting discussed the state of play in the region and the security challenges it is faced with, reaffirmed the need and readiness for strengthened mutual cooperation and joint efforts for greater contribution to establishing further security and stability in the region.

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The next country that will chair the US-Adriatic Charter is the Republic of Albania.