Press Releases

On 18.12.2018, the 12th National Coordinators Meeting of the 16+1 Process was held in Beijing, which was attended by a Macedonian delegation headed by the State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Viktor Dimovski. The meeting focused on the results of implementing the activities agreed at the 7th Summit of Heads of Governments of the 16+1 Process, which was held in July 2018 in Sofia, as well as on the upcoming steps in the part of trade and investment promotion, development of infrastructure, scientific and technological cooperation, as well as cultural and educational cooperation.

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State Secretary Dimovski, as National Coordinator of the Republic of Macedonia for the 16+1 Process, in his address underlined the previous successful cooperation between the Republic of Macedonia and the PR China, in all fields of common interest, particularly in the field of economy. Speaking of Macedonia's activities in the 16+1 Process, State Secretary Dimovski briefed on the opening of the coordinative Centre for cultural cooperation between the countries of the 16+1 Process in Skopje in March 2018. In this context, he stated that the commitments to reaffirming the central role of culture in improving mutual understanding and cultural dialogue as an important factor for further cooperation. Furthermore, he informed about the successfully completed fifth Symposium of Think Tanks, which was held in October 2018 in the Republic of Macedonia and was organised by MANU (Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts) and the MFA of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as about the preparation for the upcoming meeting of ministers of culture at the 16+1 Process which will be held in the first half of 2019 in the Republic of Macedonia.

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During his stay in Beijing, State Secretary Dimovski had bilateral meetings with Chinese Deputy MFA Wang Chao, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mirko Šarović and Albanian Deputy MFA Etjen Xhafaj.