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The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrej Zhernovski today met with the State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Szymon Szynkowski.


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The visit of the State Secretary of Poland's MFA Szynkowski to Skopje is in his capacity of Government coordinator for the preparation of the upcoming Summit of countries involved in the Berlin Process which will be held in July 2019 in Poznań, Poland. Poland is an important partner and supporter of the progress of the Western Balkans region, which is confirmed by the interest for organisation of the Berlin Process Summit in 2019.

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Deputy MFA Zhernovski welcomed the strong engagement and dedication to preparations, particularly interactions with Western Balkan countries regarding the topics of the Summit. The meeting discussed the process of European integration of the Republic of Macedonia, and Deputy MFA Zhernovski presented the on-going domestic processes, with emphasis on the reform activities aimed at completion of the strategic goals for EU and NATO membership as top foreign policy priorities and expectations for the start of accession negotiations in 2019. The development and promotion of good-neighbourly relations and broader regional cooperation were reaffirmed as key aspects of Macedonian foreign policy.

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The State Secretary at the MFA of Poland, Szynkowski, welcomed the proactive approach, the active participation in the draft-initiatives and in the implementation of the conclusions at each of the Summits by the Republic of Macedonia. He noted that the political, security and economic dimension, as well as the involvement of youth and the broader civil sector remain in the focus of the Summit. He reaffirmed Poland's support for the enlargement with Western Balkan countries, which will be strongly underlined in the capacity of the Summit host country as well.