Press Releases

On 6 November 2018, delegations of the Visegrad group countries, led by political directors at ministries of foreign affairs of the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Poland and Hungary, paid a working visit to the Republic of Macedonia.


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During the visit, political consultations were held between the MFA of the Republic of Macedonia and the countries of the so-called V4 group in the context of the European perspectives of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as on bilateral issues.

On the part of the Republic of Macedonia, the dynamics of the reform activities and domestic political processes was presented in the context of the expectations for the start of accession negotiations in 2019. The discussions also affirmed the traditionally friendly and partnership relations that the Republic of Macedonia has with the countries of the Visegrad Group, as well as the commitment to further enhance and promote overall cooperation.

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In addition to the political consultations, a working dinner was held which was hosted by the State Secretary at the MFA, Viktor Dimovski, during which the interlocutors exchanged opinions on political and security issues in a regional context.

The guests from the four friendly countries, reaffirmed the consistent and principled support for the achievement of the strategic goals of the Republic of Macedonia – full-fledged membership in the EU and NATO, and welcomed the brave political leadership which brought the country back to the democratic and Euro-Atlantic path, and turned it into a positive regional example. In that vein, several modalities for sharing the valuable experience and expertise of the V4 group countries were considered, as well as finding forms for further cooperation with the Republic of Macedonia in the processes of negotiation and accession to Euro-Atlantic structures.