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- Foreign Minister Dimitrov meets the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway, Arne Sannes Bjørnstad

Today the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia, Nikola Dimitrov met the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to the Republic of Macedonia, Arne Sannes Bjørnstad. Talks focused on the Norwegian support of Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration, including the project-based assistance aimed at improving Macedonia’s readiness to start accession talks with the EU.

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Recognizing that the road towards EU membership is not challenging only due to the accession criteria, but also because of the complexity of the negotiating process itself, Foreign Minister Dimitrov expressed gratitude for the Kingdom of Norway’s years-long support and project assistance to the Republic of Macedonia.

Ambassador Bjørnstad reaffirmed Norway’s support to Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration and the necessary reforms and informed the Minister of the country’s recent decision to double its financial assistance to Macedonia in the forthcoming period.

Although not an EU member, Norway has continuously shared its extensive experience in negotiating and working closely with the EU through the EEA, Schengen and other vehicles of cooperation, enhancing thereby Macedonia’s overall administrative and legislative capabilities for membership negotiations and implementation of the necessary reforms. This has been further confirmed with the signing of the Joint Statement of Partnership and Cooperation between the two countries in August 2017 in Oslo.

The latest evidence of this support has been the recent launch of a technical assistance project for advancing the document dissemination and protection capacities, as well as enhancing the overall communication systems of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia as the project beneficiary. The implementation of this 12-month project is planned to finish by the end of 2018, with an estimated value of 1.5 million Euros.