Economic Diplomacy

The top priority of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia is the economic progress of the country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its diplomatic missions, using economic diplomacy, are important carriers of the obligation to implement this priority. In that line, everyday work in the Ministry is focused on:

  • Representation of Republic of North Macedonia as an attractive destination for foreign investments through promotion of the advantages for doing business;
  • Activities for stimulation of export of the Macedonian products; these activities contribute to the enhancement of the position of the country as a reliable business partner and destination;
  • Activities for promotion of the Republic of North Macedonia as an attractive tourist destination and for increase of the number of tourists who visit the country.
  • Attracting foreign investments +

    The efforts for attracting foreign investments and the conditions that are being offered in our country for doing business gave results. The number of renowned foreign companies that work in our country is far from small. Among them, we have:  Johnson Controls, Johnson Mattey, Kromberg & Schubert, Kemet Corporation, Van Hool, Dräxlmaier.

    The business climate created in our country gives many advantages to foreign companies that want to widen their business outside their respective country and want to invest in North Macedonia.

    The comparative advantages offered by the Republic of North Macedonia (inexpensive and qualified work force, Government that is friendly towards the foreign investments, cheap expenditures, one-stop shop system, tax incentives and subsidies, good infrastructure, etc.) offer a favourable surrounding for establishing and doing business.

  • Stimulating export of Macedonian products +

    The economic diplomacy pays special attention to the activities undertaken by the Macedonian exporters, as well as the instigators of the growth of healthy economy – the economy based on production, creation of new employments, research and innovations, through:

     -  Solution of international open economic issues related to the Republic of Macedonia;
     -  Removal of the trade obstacles and barriers and alleviation of the entrance for the Macedonian companies to third markets, as well as widening of the activities of the already existing companies abroad;
     -  Monitoring and detecting challenges imposed to our businessmen abroad;
     -  Meetings with representatives of the business community and the economic chambers in order to identify the necessary realization of the goals;
     -  Organizing visits of the representatives of the foreign embassies to our economic capacities for better understanding;

    The trade exchange is being executed in terms of trade liberalization based on the bilateral agreements for free trade with Turkey and Ukraine and the member states of EFTA and CEFTA, and pursuant to the Stabilization and Association Agreement executed between the Republic of Macedonia and EU member states. Since June 2001 the Macedonian export of industrial and agricultural products (except quotas for wine, beef and fish) has been ongoing without customs due to the Stabilization and Association Agreement. Since 1st January 2011, the EU member states and the Republic of Macedonia use the free trade zone in the industrial sector meaning that the overall trade in the industrial sector is made without customs. Having in mind that on 4th April 2003 the Republic of Macedonia became a full-fledged member of the World Trade Organization, the trade relations are regulated pursuant the rules and principles stipulated by this organization.

    In recent years, the foreign trade increased. Regarding the export, the share of the catalysts with precious metals or their compounds, Ferro-nickel, iron and steel (rolled products), clothes and oil derivatives, is the most important. The most prevalent imported products are the oil and oils obtained of bituminous materials (other than crude), platinum and platinum alloys, unprocessed or in powder, electricity and other motor vehicles for transport of persons.  

    The biggest share in export of goods ( belongs to the EU member states (72, 6%) and the countries from Western Balkan (17, 9%), and the biggest share in import of goods belongs to the EU member states 28 (62, 4%) and other countries, not mentioned elsewhere (11, 6%).

    According to the total scope of foreign trade, the Republic of Macedonia mostly trades with Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Serbia and Italy (49,9% of the total foreign trade exchange is performed with these five countries).

    The economic chambers give support to the companies in their efforts to be present at the foreign markets: ; ; ;

  • Promotion of the Republic of North Macedonia as an attractive tourist destination +

    The efforts of the economic diplomacy are aimed at promotion of the tourist capacities of North Macedonia. As a result of active promotion, in the past few years the number of foreign tourists and the number of overnight stays has doubled.

    The beauty and the tourist capacities of the Republic of North Macedonia are enormous and worth discovering.

    In line of promotion of the tourist capacities of Macedonia tourist development zones have been established. These are intended for construction of high rank hotel capacities.

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