Foreign Policy

Соопштение од ДИК

Согласно Изборниот законик и Правилникот за подготовка,организирање и спроведување референдум на државно ниво,во овие дипломатско - конзуларни претставништва и конзуларни канцеларии нема да се организира гласање на 29.09.2018 година за Референдумот 2018.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia continuously works to fulfil the highest priorities in the foreign policy of the country, such as: full-fledged NATO membership and starting membership negotiations with the European Union. The country is putting efforts to promote the Macedonian economic interests and to attract foreign investments in the country. These efforts are in compliance with goals of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia to provide higher standard and wellbeing for all citizens. Therefore, activities are being undertaken to reinforce the position of the Republic of Macedonia within the international community by developing bilateral relations, good-neighbourly relations, regional cooperation and cooperation within the multilateral organizations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia is devoted to the continuous establishment and training of the diplomatic staff and improvement of the technical conditions needed for the functioning of both the Ministry and the Diplomatic and Consular missions of the Republic of Macedonia. These are the necessary preconditions for successful achievement of the objectives such as: enhancement of the consular services for the Macedonian and foreign citizens, status improvement of the Macedonian national and linguistic minorities throughout the world, and care for the Diaspora.

The strategic and long-term goals of the foreign policy of the Republic of Macedonia are full-fledged EU and NATO membership for Macedonia, development and enhancement of the good-neighbourly relations and regional cooperation.