Press Releases

This weekend the Republic of Macedonia was struck by the largest natural disaster of the past decade. The floods in Skopje have left 21 people dead and more than 70 injured. The Government of the Republic of Macedonia declared this day a day of mourning.


The forces of the Ministry of Interior and the Macedonian Army, along with the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia and citizens-volunteers are still on the ground working towards clearing the terrain. Furthermore, numerous humanitarian campaigns have been started to meet the needs of affected families.

Numerous friendly countries have already offered assistance to the Republic of Macedonia. The first offers came from countries within its wider neighbourhood such as Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Turkey and Croatia, but the offers are still coming. Work is presently focused on specifying the tangible needs of the Republic of Macedonia for tackling this extraordinary situation, whereupon international assistance will be officially requested.