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The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Poposki participated in the informal meeting of foreign affairs ministers of OSCE member states which was held on 1 September 2016 in Potsdam, FR of Germany.


Potsdan Family photo

Main topic at the meeting was “Facing common challenges together”. Participants discussed current security challenges in the OSCE region and modalities for efficiently handling of such challenges. Topics included security risks faced by the OSCE region, migrant crisis, and transnational threats: terrorism, violent extremism, radicalization etc. In this context, minister Poposki said: “My impression from this meeting is that a large number of member states fear a new influx of refugees, in scales that would create security and political tensions. Macedonia is considered a dependable partner. In our case, it is most important for decisions in the next period are made in cooperation with neighbours and coordination with our partners”.

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During his stay, Deputy PM and FM Poposki held several meetings. With his host, German Foreign Minister Steinmeier, as well as the ODIHR Director Link it was ascertained that the elections planned for December is a positive development. “Elections are part of the exit route that will lead us out of the political crisis which has costs us a lot in relation to European integration. We also talked with European partners about ODIHR providing in-depth observation of the election process”, said Poposki.

Potsdan Poposki Stajnmaer

Poposki – Steinmeier

Potsdan Kristijan Jensen MNR Danska

Poposki – Jensen

Potsdan Gentiloni MNR Italija

Poposki – Gentiloni

Potsdan Bushati MNR Albanija

Poposki – Busati

Potsdan Carls Flanagan MNR Irska

Poposki – Flanagan