Diplomatic Academy



1. Goals

Further development of the diplomatic education system of the current and future diplomatic staff aimed at effective tackling of the professional challenges posed in front of them.

2. Significant Responsibilities

- Assessment of the level, types and needs for trainings of the employees in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 
- Informing about courses, trainings and seminars which are being offered in the study programs of the foreign Diplomatic Academies and Foreign Policy Institutes; 
- Care for the education of the newly employed; 
- Participates in the preparation and organization of the diplomatic and advisory exams; 
- Participates in the preparation of diplomats before they are sent to the missions throughout the world, as well as organization of their final discussions and thesis; 
- Organization of language courses and cooperation with the related institutions in the region and beyond. 

3. Organizational Structure

The Diplomatic Academy included

- Diplomatic Education Department
- Professional Training and Cooperation Department