The World in North Macedonia

Between 13 and 16 May 2016, at the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Ankara thirteen representatives of the Central Anatolia Young Businessmen’s Association Federation (ICGIAF) visited the Republic of Macedonia, in order to hold numerous working meetings with multiple institutions.


As part of the visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia and the meeting with Macedonian diplomats, the president of the Federation Mrs. Fatma Semiz introduced the Federation and its activities, as well as its organizational structure, which numbers 3,000 members, operates in 13 regions and employs 30,000 people. Semiz emphasised that the purpose of the visit is to review investment opportunities in Macedonia. She expressed her satisfaction with the current close relations and Turkish investments.

Furthermore, she expressed interest in having greater presence of Macedonian companies in Turkey as well as common investments.
The Director of the Directorate for Economic Diplomacy at MoFA of RM, Hilda Kolevska explained that the strategic goals of the Republic of Macedonia are Euro-Atlantic integrations and expressed gratitude for Turkey’s support in relation to NATO. She noted the comparative advantages of the Republic of Macedonia in relation to economic cooperation and priorities, attracting FDIs, promoting export and tourism. In addition, she offered a short review of the government programme for supporting foreign investments, the need for enhancing trade and the number of tourist visits.