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Poposki for TV Nova: Macedonia implements EU conclusions in the field

Date: 12 April 2016

Journalist: Biljana Vasileva – Trendafilova

In the interview for TV Nova, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Poposki talked about recent events at the Greek border, but also whether Macedonia is prepared for fair and democratic elections having the EU’s expectations in mind after giving Macedonia its seventh recommendation in a row.

In relation to the migrant crisis he underlined that Macedonia is implementing all adopted conclusions by the EU in the field.

“Macedonia is carrying out is that which has been adopted as a conclusion by the EU as is now being implemented in the field. That includes securing the border, preventing illegal crossings and closing the Balkan route in order to implement the EU-Turkey agreement. We expect every country to assume its obligations, including Greece”, said Poposki.

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While answering the question whether this problem’s solution requires a larger engagement by the EU as support for Greece, Poposki said that the weight of the problem on the other side of the border should not be underestimated.

“We shouldn’t underestimate the weight of the problem on the other side of the border, because it’s a fact that migrants refuse to return to Turkey. Greece should transfer migrants and accommodate them at the border line financed by the EU where migrants will have better living conditions”, read part of Poposki’s statement on this subject.

As part of the interview for TV Nova, Poposki also talked about the meeting between Nimic and Kotsias. He emphasised that Greece and Macedonia have a mutual interest in creating a positive climate.

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“I believe it’s quite naïve to create the expectation that unlike before the time has now become ripe, because 25 years is a good moment to overcome this vapid dispute imposed upon us. It is, however, important for us to create a positive climate with Greece considering our mutual interest”, said Poposki.

He also discussed the upcoming elections scheduled for 5 June stating that Macedonia needs to focus on what is most relevant for its citizens.

“Macedonia has implemented fair and democratic elections on numerous occasions and this practice will continue in the future. What follows is under SEC’s competence, but the government is also here to support the elections. After this period of artificially created political crisis, it is time for citizens to cast their vote. Regardless of the election results, Macedonia must turn over a new leaf, leave problems behind and focus on what is most relevant for its citizens”, said Poposki.