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FM Nikola Poposki’s interview for “Sveriges Radio”

Date: 21.02.2016


“Austria is the first EU country to set an official limit for the total number of asylum seekers for this year. But, other countries might do the same, says the Macedonian Foreign Minister, Nikola Poposki.

Macedonia, located north from Greece, is a transit country for all refugees who want to reach Europe. In an exclusive interview with the migration correspondent for the Swedish radio Alice Petren, the Foreign Minister says that what we have seen so far is only the beginning of large migration flows.

“It’s very difficult to give an accurate number, but one thing is certain; what we see today is probably just the beginning of a future influx of refugees, which will continue for years”, said Nikola Poposki.

His impression is that in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, refugees have given up on their homeland and are inspired by others who have succeeded in Europe. This year the number of persons requesting shelter in Europe will be at least similar to the one from the summer of 2015, the difference being that we are now much better organised.

This year, Macedonia has already registered over 80,000 refugees who have crossed the country to the north, says Poposki, discussing the limit of 37,500 asylum seekers that Austria has absorbed this year.

“These refugees are still not there. But, if Austria closes its border, we can expect a domino effect, we can expect other countries to close their borders and perhaps even introduce an absorption limit for refugees”, says Poposki.

“The introduction of limits is not politically correct, but European countries only have a certain level of refugee absorptive capacity”, says Foreign Minister, Poposki.