Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (CV)
  Personal details  

Arta Toci

  • Date of birth: 07.08.1962
  • Nationality: Albanian
  • Place of birth: Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia
  • Marital status: married, two children

ZMNR Biografija 

  Academic details

2009: PhD in Linguistic Sciences – South East European University

2006 M.A. in Applied Languages - Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

1987: Professor of English Language and Literature – University of Pristina

  Professional career




1987-2002: Professor of English language

2002-2006: Lecturer in English language - South East European University

2006-2009: Senior Lecturer in English language - South East European University

2009-2014: Docent in Linguistic Sciences and Translation

2014: Associate Professor of Linguistic Sciences and Translation

2007-2010: Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication,  South East European University

2016 – Director of Doctoral Studies, South East European University

  Political engagements



2015 – President of the Union of Women of DPA-Movement for Reforms

2016 – Member of the Central Presidency of Movement for Reforms of DPA

2016 – MP candidate

  List of conferences and published works



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  - Albanian (native), English, Macedonian, Turkish