The World in North Macedonia

Bicycle tourism in Macedonia is gaining momentum this year – cycling through urban – rural surroundings, touring the natural riches that abound in our country – as confirmed by the article published in New York Times.


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Jim Johnson, of Bike Tours Direct, an association of bicycle tour operators, is amazed by Macedonian culture and beauty, and has succeeded in organizing several nine-day bicycle tours in Macedonia with the cooperation with Ride Macedonia. The first tour will be held on 23 August, and the second on 23 September. 

“We have experienced numerous traditions in Europe, and they are slowly disappearing in many places” said Johnson. “However, when you visit Macedonia you encounter villages with people who have lived there for generations”.

The tour will also include Ohrid, a city protected by UNESCO and one of the oldest inhabited places in Europe, with a history of over 5,000 years. Also included are national parks, more significant villages and Skopje, the capital. Johnson will also take participation in the tour. “Since Macedonia is an emerging country and is still quite foreign, my presence there is a way to give our customers a peace of mind. But I also can’t wait until the day comes”, emphasized Johnson.    

The association of bicycle tour operators, Bike Tours Direct, is currently representing over 100 bicycle tour operators from around 70 countries.