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Main priorities of the Macedonian CEI presidency 2015 are:

  • Follow-up initiatives along the CEI priorities outlined in the Plan of Action 2014-2016, and mid-term review of the CEI Plan of Action.
  • Focus on the Western Balkans, promotion of the advantages of the region, and the added-value of the integration of all countries of Western Balkans in the European Union.
  • Further focus on the macro regional strategies – inclusiveness of the EU regional approach, involvement of the European Commission in the CEI activities, in particular the role of the CEI as a bridge between the macro-regions.
  • Continue developing the energy and transport infrastructure connecting all CEI Member States, with special focus on the Corridors X and VIII, intersecting the CEI countries.
  • Strengthening the Business Dimension, through the organisation of a fruitful and focused Business Forum of interest to all Member States.
  • Accent on Sustainable Development and Agribusiness, and Knowledge-based Society, in accordance with the provisions of the CEI Agenda for 2014-2016.
  • Cooperation with other relevant international and regional organisations active in the region, especially with the UN Agencies, as a follow-up to the UN CEI resolution, as well as international financial institutions, in particular the EBRD.
  • Strengthening the role of the CEI as an important actor in the region and increasing its visibility.

Other CEI Priorities

  • Promoting education and training for innovation
  • Economic growth and job creation, along the lines of the Triple Helix Model (science, academia and entrepreneurship).
  • Eliminating barriers to adult learning.
  • Enhancing employability of specific “sensitive” groups, young people and adults;
  • Facilitating access to institutions of higher learning and universities.