The World in North Macedonia

On May 13, DMFA Kiprijanovska attended the workshop titled “Building a Cyber Resilient Society in SEE” held in Ohrid and organised by the RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation from Zagreb and the Military Academy “General Mihailo Apostolski” .


At the workshop, numerous representatives from political, science and business spheres discussed cybercrime as part of contemporary security threats and the concept of national and regional approach to repressing cybercrime.

In her address, DMFA Kiprijanovska underlined that the policy for technological development should, first and foremost, benefit the development of society. In this context, it needs to be completely integrated in the international communication and information system.

The tendency to use informational-communication technologies more frequently is followed by a constant increase in risk of high-tech crime and in threat to information systems. Therefore, the Republic of Macedonia as candidate country for NATO and EU membership is dedicated to developing a strategy whose main purposes would be to protect national security as well as to protect against the abuse of personal information and sensitive business data.