The World in North Macedonia

At the invitation of the Ambassador of Slovakia to the Republic of Macedonia, Minister Poposki attended a working breakfast this morning with the Ambassadors of the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, which is traditionally organized by the current chair of the Visegrad Group.



The attendees took the opportunity to exchange opinions on the cooperation between the Republic of Macedonia and the Visegrad Four in various areas of mutual interest, the integration of Macedonia into the EU and NATO, regional developments and projects intended to advance regional economic and infrastructural connections and within this context, the activities of Macedonia CEI Presidency in 2015.

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Visegrad Group Ambassadors reaffirmed the principled and continuous support of their countries for EU and NATO enlargement through the merit-based approach and the fulfilment of necessary criteria for membership of both organizations.

The working breakfast was held at the Pelister Restaurant in Skopje and coincided with the manifestation “Days of Slovak Gastronomy” which is organized by the Embassy of the Slovak Republic and held at this restaurant during 20-26 April.