Emergency Consular Services

Соопштение од ДИК

Согласно Изборниот законик и Правилникот за подготовка,организирање и спроведување референдум на државно ниво,во овие дипломатско - конзуларни претставништва и конзуларни канцеларии нема да се организира гласање на 29.09.2018 година за Референдумот 2018.

In case of an emergency situation abroad, Macedonian citizens can contact the nearest diplomatic-consular mission of the Republic of Macedonia.

The map of representations can be found here >>

The employed officers will try to provide advice or help for the situation at hand, but there are practical and legal limitations to what can be done. That is why it is important to have comprehensive travel insurance when travelling abroad – the insurance companies have 24-hour services for activating their client’s travel insurance.