Republic of Macedonia became a member-state of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) on 12th October 1995. Republic of Macedonia has more active role within OSCE frames reflected in presidency with the Committee on European Affairs and protection of environment (in 2007), the election of Macedonian diplomat for OSCE Head of Office in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan (2009), as well as in placing Macedonian personnel for head of monitoring missions of OSCE/ODIHR for elections monitoring in Kirgizstan (2009), Armenia (2012) and Belarus (2012). This places Republic of Macedonia in the group of countries that started as aid consumers and grew into transmitters of positive experiences and stability generators. Republic of Macedonia chaired the Forum on Security Co-operation of OSCE in the period September-December 2012 and parts of the priorities were as it follows:

  • Promoting the contribution of the SEE region to the stability and reinforcement of the measures for trust and security;
  • Finding solutions for frozen conflicts;
  • Implementation of the decisions related to small arms and light weapons;
  • Implementation of the Code of Conduct for political and military aspects of security;
  • Regional contribution to implementation of the 1540 and 1325 UN SC Resolutions;

The Mission of OSCE in Republic of Macedonia is the oldest field mission of the organization. It started working in September 1992 and the main objective was prevention of overflow of the regional conflicts. The activities of the OSCE Mission in Republic of Macedonia are being implemented in close co-operation with the Macedonian government. After 2002 the process of decreasing of personnel is constant. The activities of the mission are directed to help the institutions of Republic of Macedonia for further harmonization of our legislation to the Acquis, as well as implementation of other reforms related to the EU integration process.